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What does FSK N-U want to accomplish ?

- sharing knowledge between colleagues in the profession in the   Netherlands and Ukraine.

- good health care, attainable and affordable for everybody

- love for the neighbour, charity and protection of life.

- health care that follows the existing practice, customs and means.

What does FSK N-U exactly?

The foundation wants to reinforce health care in Ukraine by sharing knowledge with Ukrainian colleagues in the profession in their own language. This is effectuated by:


1) translating Dutch NHG-standards into English and Russian. These standards, made by and meant for doctors contain guidelines supporting medical policy in everyday practice of the GP.


2) supporting the Ukrainian GPs in their profession from NGH standards. The training sessions are aimed at refresher courses and practical skills in which existing situation and instruments are the starting point. The training sessions have the same build-up as refresher courses in Holland, in which theory, epidemiology, casuistry and practise are dealt with.

An example

The First standard that was translated into Russian, is standard M09 Otitis media acuta (otitus with children). The standard gives guidelines for diagnosis and treatment of the disease. You find the standard and the translation in Documents.         


After the standard had been translated GP Henk van Schothorst attended the first series of refresher courses  in Zhytomir.  These training sessions were focussed on consult, inter collegial cooperation and practical skills.


District doctors in Zhytomir go  to university for one month for a refresher course once in five years. Henk van Schothorst attended the four hour training sessions four times for a total number of 58 Ukranian district doctors. At the end the participants received a certificate which is officially recognized by the city and province authorities.

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Board of Directors


Leendert van de Weerd MBA

Leendert van de Weerd

(1970) Got his Masters (Business Administration) at  Portsmouth University (UK). By 'distance learning' and a  Master Class 'Negotiation & Leadership' (Harvard University, Boston-USA), he is now a Certified Member 'Program on Negotiation' at Harvard Law School. As an international businessman Leendert is active in materials (metals) and he is manager of KBM Affilips BV, For them he travels to Ukraine and Russia.

Jan Peter Kok


Dirk Jan Vermeer

(1988) He obtained his degree as an accountant in 2015.

Jan Peter works at HLB Blömer Accountants in Nieuwegein. He is account manager at the SME department. 

Secretary and Educational Affairs

Dr. Gerdineke van Silfhout

Gerdineke van Silfhout studied Dutch (Communication) and graduated on the subject: how to communicate study material more comprehensible. At the moment she works for Bureau ICE as a trainer and consultant and she advices teachers and school leaders concerning their admission policy.

Anneloes Nijsink van Herwijnen

Board member

pasfoto Annelies Nijsink.png

Anneloes Nijsink studied Pedagogy and Musicology. Currently she is working as a dyslexia therapist and music teacher.

Board & Executive

H.J. van Schothorst


Van Schothorst

H.J. van Schothorst is a retired family doctor. He graduated in 1979. From 1980 till 2007 he had his own practice. Since 2012 he is active in Ukraine and since 2014 as director of the foundation.

Olena Velidchenko

Translator English – Russian 

Olena Velidchenko

Ms Olena Velidchenko is a translator English – Russian . She also works as an


Andries Koens

Translator Dutch – English

Roksana Shaidych, Dina Semchenko & Olga Klyots 

Translators Dutch - Ukraine and Ukraine - Dutch

Van Schothorst

(1941) Is a retired English teacher. Worked in South Africa and Holland.

Roksana foto.jpg
Dina Semchenko.jpg
Olga Klyots .jpg


Bas van Leeuwen

Ear specialist

WGW Boersma


Jaap Huisman

General Practitioner

Drs. Jurrien Embrechts

ENT doctor

WGW Boersma
WGW Boersma


Th. B. Voorn

Board of Specialists


Mr. G. Golstein

G. Golstein


Family doctor medicine

Prof. Dr. Th. B. Voorn

Th. B. Voorn



Dr. H.J. Busser

Social Psycholoog z.p.

H.H. Themans

Docent aan de Hogeschool van Amsterdam. Projectleider in de gezondheidszorg vanuit de Hogeschool in Nederland. Daarna, op verzoek van de overheid, eveneens vanuit de Hogeschool, in Oost Europa. Aanvankelijk via PSO en later in Matra-projecten.


Dr. W.G.W. Boerma

WGW Boersma


Pediatric Neurologist

Dr. F. Visscher

F Visscher

Also chairman medical staff ADRZ Goes

Mw. Mr. N. de Kruijf

Candidate - notary

Johannes Rijken KNO-arts

Nienke de Kruijf studied Law at Utrecht University. She has a job as a candidate-notary in general practice.

Dr. H.H. Themans

Doctor for nose, throat and ears

H.H. Themans

Is retired. Educator and trainer of audicians (hearing care).Was supporting doctor in Children’s Home Tulip Garden in India.

Drs. J. Rijken

Ass. Doctor for nose, throat and ears

Johannes Rijken KNO-arts

Is doctor in training. After having finished his promotion investigation he hopes to have completed his specialisation in 2016.

Prof. dr. C.K. van der Ent

Professor children's lung diseases

H.H. Themans

Prof. dr. C.K. van der Ent is Professor Pediatric Respiratory Diseases and is connected to  UMC Utrecht. He got his Master at Erasmus University  in Rotterdam and graduated at Utrecht University in "Tidal breathing analysis in infants and children". 

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In 2012 family doctor Henk van Schothorst met medical missionairy Jan van Beest in Zhytomir in Oekraïne.


Jan van Beest brough Henk van Schothorst in contact with Dr. Basjek, director  of the city children’s hospital in Zhytomir and his staff of pediatricians.


Not only exchanged they expertise about the different systems of healthcare in both countries, also processes and medical substantive aspects were dealt with extensively.


The Ukrainian  doctors were very much interested in the Dutch NHG standards which were then compared to the Ukrain protocols.

In following visits Henk van Schothorst made contacts with doctors in Vinnitsja and Kiev.

From there the moment had come to start a foundation with the aim to share expertise of doctors in the Netherlands and Ukraine.

In the meantime contacts were made with several persons and instancies  such as professors family doctor medicine, Financial experts and professionals in training.

Also NHG, LHV and institutes family doctors medicine were contacted. In the mean time the foundation has started, the first NHG standard was translated and the first trainings in Zhytomir were held.

We welcome your interest
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